Fancy Nail Designs for 2022

How would you like to design your nails in 2022? What kind of trends would you want to see?

There are already several nail art trends out there today. From geometric shapes and polka dots to multicolor masterpieces, nail designs continue to evolve. If you plan to get into a nail design, it might be time to brush up on some basic techniques.

Nail polish has evolved over the years from simple black paint to highly decorative colors. Today, we have a wide variety of nail polish options, ranging from classic red and pink to funky neon green and blue. Some of these colors are even gender-specific! Whatever flavor you prefer, nail art is fun and easy.

Fancy Nail Designs for 2022

1. Geometric Nails: The New Trend

The new trend that is sweeping the nation is geometric nails. They come in many different styles and can include any shape imaginable. There are bold patterns such as squares and rectangles or more delicate triangles and rectangles. You can also go with circles, stars, hearts, butterflies, and more.

2. Rainbow Splatter Nails

Rainbow splatter nails are one of our favorite ways to add glitter without looking too gaudy. As you may recall this was a popular look back when Katy Perry first made headlines by wearing rainbow-painted nails. These types of nails require only a few steps.

Start by painting two coats of light color on all of your fingers. Then apply top coat or clear basecoat (whichever type you choose) until your nails are dry. Now use a fine detail brush to make tiny marks all over the edges of each finger while making sure not to let them drip down at the cuticle. This makes everything sparkly.

3. Stripes & Circles Nails

This trendy nail style includes vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, and even swirls. It’s similar to rainbow nails but requires less effort and more coordination. First, start by drawing a thin line across both sides of your nail using a white pencil.

Next, take orange-colored nail polish and cover those lines with two coats of it. After that, use a fine detail brush and create tiny waves along the edge of your nail, again avoiding the cuticles. Finally, finish with a top coat.

4. Multicolored Decals

If you love traditional designs but wish they were more fashionable now is your chance to try something modern. With multi-colored decal nails, you can decorate your fingernails without having to worry about mistakes or streaks. It takes just minutes to do this trend so why wait?

Paint your nails with three light colors. For example, if you want pink, blue, and yellow, paint the middle section yellow, then the ring portion blue, and finally the tip pink. Then remove the excess with acetone and clean your hands with soap and water before doing anything else.

5. Black/White Nails

Black and white nail art has been around for decades but recently a revival of this trend has taken place. If you like simplistic designs, black and white nails will be perfect for you. Just follow the same process as above, starting with the lightest shade and going darker as you progress. Keep in mind that you should always do one lighter area last so you don’t end up ruining the entire manicure.

6. Neon Green Nails

Neon colors pop in bright hues and have great staying power. If you love this season’s hottest color, then green is the way to go. To achieve this color, start by applying a basecoat, followed by a dark brown shade. Then, mix neon green into that mixture with a small amount of acrylic paint. Repeat this process a couple of times, which adds depth. Afterward, apply a top coat and clean your hands with water and soap.

7. Gold Glitter Nails

Gold glitters aren’t just for watches anymore; you can bring some shimmering glamour to your nails. Follow the previous tutorial, except this time instead of mixing acrylic paints change the consistency to gel and add a little bit of gold powder to give your design some extra shine. Once your design is complete, topcoat and enjoy!