Cool Reasons to Get a Tattoo

What would you get tattooed on your body? What makes you want to get a tattoo?

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Many celebrities, models, and even the average Joe get them added to their bodies. Whether you love them or hate them, tattoos are here to stay.

Many people believe they look better without a tattoo, but the reality is that some people just don’t get why anyone would want to cover themselves in ink. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, then these cool reasons should convince you to go ahead and get yours.

Cool Reasons to Get a Tattoo

1. It’s permanent!

If you decide not to remove it, later on, there’s no going back; this isn’t something you can erase if it turns out badly. A great thing about this is that it doesn’t take much effort, making it perfect for someone who likes doing things like relaxing or hanging out with friends playing Casino en ligne.

2. They’re beautiful

Tattoos have become increasingly known as a form of art – so how could they not be beautiful? There are different types of styles available and colors can range from vibrant blues and greens to simple black and grey tones. The best part is that since most tattoo designs are done by hand and freehand, there are almost limitless amounts of ways one design can be seen.

3. They make people laugh

Some people think that having a tattoo means being committed to only one thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth; there are endless options, meaning that the possibilities are practically infinite. You can choose to decorate yourself with designs that are funny or meaningful. And who knows, maybe you’ll find that what you want to be unique might start a conversation at work or when traveling around town.

4. They show off your personality

There are so many variations on tattoo designs that you can come across that showing off your personality through your choice of style has never looked better. Some of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen include symbols, names, quotes, animals, or flowers. Even though it may seem difficult to find the right font, type, and color combination for your specific taste, keep searching until you find the perfect design.

5. They provide a sense of security

If you feel unsafe at times, getting a tattoo gives you something personal to remind you that no matter where life takes you, you will always carry within you the memory of those who cared enough to care for you. No matter how bad things turn out for you, a tattoo provides hope and a sense of comfort.

6. Tattoos save money

There are countless tattoos that you can get for less than $200 which means that you’ll be saving money long after you’ve had the actual tattoo removed (if you do). Plus, depending on the size, the process itself can last anywhere from 2-8 hours, and you won’t need any expensive equipment or tools either. All you need is time and dedication.

7. When you die, people will remember you.

Not everyone gets to leave behind a legacy, but if you do decide to get a tattoo, then when you die they will know who you were. They will remember you for all the memories you created and the impact you made during your lifetime. Even if you aren’t religious, you can still use a quote or symbol to represent something important to you.


Getting a tattoo is a huge decision, and hopefully, by now, you realize just why. It’s a permanent reminder of something that makes you happy and who you are, both physically and mentally. So before you say goodbye to your old self forever, consider these facts: tattoos allow you to express yourself artistically in a way nothing else does. Whether you love them or hate them, tattoos give you power over an aspect of your body that few other things can give you.